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Suggested Reading and Reference Materials

Introductory Books

Drees, B. M., and J. A. Jackman. 1998. A Field Guide to the Common Insects of Texas. Gulf Publishing, Houston, TX.

J. A. Jackman. 1997. A Field Guide to the Spiders and Scorpions of Texas. Gulf Publishing, Houston, TX.

Merritt, R. W. and K. W. Cummins, eds. 1978. An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America. Dubuque. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co.; 441 pp.

Golden Nature Guides, Golden Press, New York.

This series includes several small but very useful paperbacks with several reprint dates. The titles include: Insects; Butterflies and Moths; Insect Pests; Spiders and Their Kin. Peterson Field Guides, Houghton Mifflin, Boston.

Field guide style books for identification, color and black and white figures. Titles include:

Borror, D. J. , and R. E. White. 1970. A Field Guide to the Insects of America North of Mexico. 404 pp.

Covell, C. V., Jr. Eastern Moths. 496 pp.

Opler, P. A. 1992. A Field Guide to the Eastern Butterflies.

White, R. E. 1983. A Field Guide to the Beetles of North America. 368 pp.

More Advanced Books Wm. C. Brown Publishers, Dubuque, Iowa. Black and white drawings and identification keys. Titles include:

Jacques, H. E. 1951. How to Know the Insects. 372 pp. Ehrlich, P. R., and A. H. Ehrlich. How to Know the Butterflies. 372 pp. Helfer, J. R. 1963. How to Know the Grasshoppers, Crickets, Cockroaches and Their Allies. New York. Dover Pubs., Inc. 363 pp. Jacques, H. E. How to Know the Beetles. 372 pp. Chu, H. F. How to Know the Immature Insects. 372 pp. Kaston, B. J. 1978. How to Know the Spiders. 289 pp. McDaniel, B. 1979. How to Know the Mites and Ticks. 335 pp. Slater, J. A., and R. M. Baranowski. 1978. How to Know the True Bugs. 256 pp. Scott, J. A. 1986. The Butterflies of North America, a Natural History and Field Guide. Stanford University Press, Stanford. 583 pp. Stehr, F.W., ed. 1987. Immature insects. Vol.1. Dubuque. Kendall/Hunt Pub., 754 pp. Stehr, F.W.; ed. 1991. Immature insects. Vol.2. Dubuque. Kendall/Hunt Pub., 974 pp. Swan, L. A., and C. S. Papp. 1972. The Common Insects of North America. Harper and Row, Publishers, New York, N. Y. 750 pp. College Textbooks Arnett, R. H. 1993. American Insects - A Handbook of the Insects of American North of Mexico. St. Lucie Press, Delray Beach, FL. 850 pp.

Borror, D. J., C. A. Triplehorn, and N. F. Johnson. 1989. An Introduction to the Study of Insects, 6th Edition. Fort Worth. Saunders College Pub., 875 pp.

Metcalf, C. L., W. P. Flint and R. L. Metcalf. 1992. Destructive and Useful Insects. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. New York, N. Y. 1097 pp.

Applied Entomology Curriculum Materials - Provided by the Instructional Materials Service at Texas A&M. The material is generally written for junior and senior high school students but may be useful for younger students also. The materials and their costs are:
  • Item 8435. Complete Set of 36 Student Material Topics for Applied Entomology. 384 pages. Cost is $18 (add $1.00 for the bound set)
  • Item CG335. Curriculum Guide for Applied Entomology. $5.00
  • Item 4912. Teacher's Key to Student Material topic mastery. $6.00
  • Item T335. Topic Tests for Applied Entomology. $3.00
  • Item K335. Teacher's Key to Topic Tests for Applied Entomology. $4.00
  • Item L335. Lesson Plan Labels for Applied Entomology. $6.00

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