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Dr. Gregory Sword Named Perry Adkisson Distinguished Seminar Speaker

The Department of Entomology introduced Dr. Gregory Sword of the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, as this year's Perry Adkisson Distinguished Seminar Speaker during the 2009 Departmental seminar series on September 10.

Sword is a senior lecturer for the School of Biological Sciences and heads the Molecular Ecology Lab. The lab's research ranges from molecular genetics and behavior to landscape scale ecology and phylogenetics.

Some of the projects that Sword has been researching include studying the functional genomics of locust migratory behavior, i.e. to determine the factors that contribute to mass movement in locusts.

Graduate student and EGSO president Paul Lenhart nominated Sword because of Sword's quality research and dedication to the field of entomology.

"He is an excellent example of a system-driven researcher, and has been a leader in locust biology research," he said. "I believe the entomology graduate students had a great time discussing science as well as socializing with Dr. Sword, and we'll all be striving to follow his example."

Named for Dr. Perry Adkisson, former head of the Department and of the Texas A&M University Chancellor, the award recognizes outstanding researchers in the field of entomology and gives graduate students and the community the opportunity to hear the latest research from leading scientists.

Adkisson is an outstanding scientist, an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, and the first ever recipient of all three of the world’s major prizes in agriculture, the Alexander von Humboldt Award, the Wolf Prize, and the World Food Prize. He, along with Dr. Ray Smith, developed what is now known as IPM or Integrated Pest Management. 

For more information about the award, visit the Perry Adkisson Distinguished Seminar Speaker Award page on the Entomology Graduate Student Organization's website at .