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X. Study List of Some Common Insects in Texas

Common Name Order Host or Location
1. Water springtail Collembola Surface of puddles
2. Silverfish Thysanura Trunk, closet
3. Mayfly Ephemeroptera Near water
4. Green darner Odonata Stream
5. Black-winged damselfly Odonata Stream
6. Stonefly Plecoptera Near water
7. True katydid Orthoptera Trees
8. Carolina grasshopper Orthoptera Pasture
9. Snowy tree cricket Orthoptera Trees
10. Differential grasshopper Orthoptera Pasture
11. Long-horned grasshopper Orthoptera Shrubs/grass
12. Mole cricket Orthoptera Sandy soil
13. German cockroach Blattaria Home
14. American cockroach Blattaria Home
15. Praying mantids Mantodea Shrubs, vegetation
16. Walkingstick Phasmida Shrubs, vegetation
17. Earwig Dermaptera Ground trash
18. Subterranean termite Isoptera Wood, stumps
19. Booklouse Psocoptera Libraries, papers, books
20. Barklouse Psocoptera Tree trunk
21. Chicken head louse Phthiraptera (Mallophaga) Poultry
22. Short-nosed cattle louse Phthiraptera (Anoplura) Cattle
23. Human body louse Phthiraptera (Anoplura) Humans
24. Hog louse Phthiraptera (Anoplura) Swine
25. Cotton fleahopper Hemiptera Cotton
26. False chinch bug Hemiptera Grain sorghum
27. Large milkweed bug Hemiptera Milkweed
28. Ambush bug Hemiptera Flowers
29. Backswimmer Hemiptera Pond
30. Water striders Hemiptera Pond
31. Water scorpions Hemiptera Stream
32. Water boatman Hemiptera Pond
33. Toad bug Hemiptera Shoreline
34. Green stink bug Hemiptera Weeds
35. Harlequin bug Hemiptera Cole crops
36. Leaffooted bug Hemiptera Plants, weeds
37. Tarnished plant bug Hemiptera Plants, weeds
38. Squash bug Hemiptera Squash
39. Chinch bug Hemiptera Grass
40. Giant water bug Hemiptera Water, ponds
41. Western flower thrips Thysanoptera Cotton
42. Onion thrips Thysanoptera Onions
43. Leafhopper Homoptera Grasses
44. San Jose scale Homoptera Fruit trees
45. Greenbug Homoptera Small grain
46. Obscure scale Homoptera Pecans
47. Pecan phylloxera Homoptera Pecans
48. Buffalo treehopper Homoptera Trees
49. Spittlebug Homoptera Alfalfa
50. Corn leaf aphid Homoptera Corn, sorghum
51. Cicada Homoptera Trees
52. Mantispid Neuroptera Woodlots
53. Antlion Neuroptera Plants
54. Dobsonfly Neuroptera Stream
55. Green lacewing Neuroptera Alfalfa
56. Carpet beetle Coleoptera Wool carpets
57. Corn or rice weevil Coleoptera Stored grain
58. Pea weevil Coleoptera Stored grain
59. Confused flour beetle Coleoptera Stored grain
60. Flat grain beetle Coleoptera Stored grain
61. Lesser grain borer Coleoptera Stored grain
62. Sawtoothed grain beetle Coleoptera Stored grain
63. Alfalfa weevil Coleoptera Alfalfa
64. Striped blister beetle Coleoptera Plants, alfalfa, weeds
65. Flat-headed borer Coleoptera Trees
66. Plum curculio Coleoptera Peaches
67. Boll weevil Coleoptera Cotton
68. Tiger beetle Coleoptera Shady trails
69. Carrion beetle Coleoptera Dead animals
70. Carrot beetle Coleoptera Sunflowers
71. Colorado potato beetle Coleoptera Potatoes
72. Spotted cucumber beetle Coleoptera Weeds
73. Rhinoceros beetle Coleoptera Woodland
74. Firefly or lightningbug Coleoptera Weeds
75. May beetle or junebug Coleoptera Shrubs
76. Lady beetle Coleoptera Weeds
77. Old house borer Coleoptera Lumber
78. Sweet potato weevil Coleoptera Sweet potatoes
79. Flea beetle Coleoptera Weeds
80. Caterpillar hunter Coleoptera Woodland
81. Predaceous diving beetle Coleoptera Ponds
82. Water scavenger beetle Coleoptera Stream
83. Whirlygig beetle Coleoptera Stream
84. Unicorn beetle Coleoptera Woodland
85. Locust borer Coleoptera Black locust
86. Soldier beetle Coleoptera Flowers
87. Scorpionfly Mecoptera Plants
88. Caddisfly Trichoptera Near stream
89. Clothes moth Lepidoptera Stored woolens
90. Angoumois grain moth Lepidoptera Stored grain
91. Tomato hornworm Lepidoptera Tomatoes
92. Cabbage looper Lepidoptera General feeder
93. Bollworm or corn earworm Lepidoptera Cotton, corn, other crops
94. Variegated cutworm Lepidoptera General feeder
95. Peach tree borer Lepidoptera Peach trees
96. Fall webworm Lepidoptera Pecans
97. Pecan nut casebearer Lepidoptera Pecans
98. Cotton leafworm Lepidoptera Cotton
99. Armyworm Lepidoptera Grasses
100. Sorghum webworm Lepidoptera Grain sorghum
101. Pink bollworm Lepidoptera Cotton
102. Fall armyworm Lepidoptera Grasses
103. Viceroy Lepidoptera Poplar
104. Buckeye Lepidoptera Plantain
105. Mourningcloak butterfly Lepidoptera Willow
106. Cabbage butterfly Lepidoptera Cole crops
107. Cecropia Lepidoptera Oak
108. Bagworm Lepidoptera Juniper
109. Leopard moth Lepidoptera Weeds
110. Red admiral Lepidoptera Nettles
111. Question mark Lepidoptera Elms
112. Wood nymph Lepidoptera Thick woods
113. Gray hairstreak
(Cotton square borer)
Lepidoptera Cotton
114. Alfalfa caterpillar Lepidoptera Alfalfa
115. Giant swallowtail Lepidoptera Citrus
116. Black swallowtail Lepidoptera Carrots, weeds
117. Tiger swallowtail Lepidoptera Cherry
118. White-lined sphinx Lepidoptera Around lights
119. Salt-marsh caterpillar Lepidoptera Grasses, weeds
120. Polyphemus Lepidoptera Oaks
121. Io moth Lepidoptera Trees, corn
122. Underwing moths Lepidoptera Trees
123. Luna moth Lepidoptera Oak
124. Monarch Lepidoptera Milkweed
125. Eastern tent caterpillar Lepidoptera Cherry, plum
126. Silver-spotted skipper Lepidoptera Black locust
127. Carpenter moth Lepidoptera Trees
128. Greater wax moth Lepidoptera Beehive
129. Common cattle grub Diptera Cattle
130. Horn fly Diptera Cattle
131. Stable fly Diptera Cattle
132. Screwworm Diptera Cattle
133. Housefly Diptera Barn
134. Sorghum midge Diptera Grain sorghum
135. Bee fly Diptera Flowers
136. Syrphid fly(flower fly) Diptera Flowers
137. Fruit fly Diptera Ripe & rotten fruit
138. Mydas fly Diptera Woodlands
139. Buffalo gnat Diptera Stream
140. Crane fly Diptera Meadow
141. Horsefly Diptera Woodland
142. Deer fly Diptera Woodland
143. Mosquito Diptera Yard and meadow
144. Cat flea Siphonaptera Cat
145. Red harvester ant Hymenoptera Seed plants
146. Potter wasps Hymenoptera Building
147. Velvet ants Hymenoptera Soil
148. Cicada killer Hymenoptera Soil
149. Baldfaced hornet Hymenoptera Woodlands
150. Leafcutting bee Hymenoptera Flowers
151. Yellowjacket Hymenoptera House eaves
152. Horntail Hymenoptera Logs
153. Carpenter bee Hymenoptera Fence post
154. Honeybee Hymenoptera Flowers
155. Mud dauber Hymenoptera Buildings
156. Bumblebee Hymenoptera Meadow
157. Texas leafcutting ant Hymenoptera Woodlands
158. Lone star tick Acari Cattle
159. Fowl tick (blue bug) Acari Poultry
160. Black widow spider Araneae Woodlot
161. Brown recluse spider Araneae Homes
162. Trapdoor spider Araneae Soil
163. Black and yellow argiope Araneae Garden
164. Wolfspiders Araneae Under rocks
165. Crab spiders Araneae Flowers
166. Jumping spiders Araneae Garden
167. Scorpion Scorpionida Log pile
168. Sun spiders Solpugida Arid regions
169. Spider mite Acarina Plants

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