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Newsletters (Contents)

  • Lacewing News : Newsletter of the International Association of Neuropterology [2006-present] (continued from: Neuropterists' Newsletter)
    Editor: Agostino Letardi (; #13+); Former Editor: Atilano Contreras-Ramos (#10-11)

    No. 10 (Spring 2006) [numbering continued from the Neuropterists' Newsletter]
    No. 11 (Winter 2006)
    No. 12 (not issued)
    No. 13 (Autumn 2011)
    No. 14 (Spring 2012)
    No. 15 (Autumn 2012)
    No. 16 (Spring 2013)

  • Neuropterists' Newsletter : Voice of the International Association of Neuropterology [1981-1999] (continued by: Lacewing News)
    Editor: Norman D. Penny (

    Number 1 (July 1981)
    Number 2 (March 1994)
    Number 3 (September 1994)
    Number 4 (December 1994)
    Number 5 (April 1995)
    Number 6 (April [sic; for December] 1995)
    Number 7 (September 1996)
    Number 8 (September 1998)
    Number 9 (June 1999) [ceased with this number; numbering continued with Lacewing News]

  • NeuroNews : Newsletter of the British Isles Neuroptera Recording Scheme [1988-2001]
    Editor: Colin W. Plant (

    Numbers 1-16 (April 1988 to Summer 1995; not available on-line)
    Number 17 (Winter 1995/1996)
    Number 18 (Summer 1996)
    Number 19 (Winter 1996)
    Number 20 (Summer 1997)
    Number 21 (Winter 1997 / 1998)
    Number 22 (Summer 1998)
    Number 23 (Winter 1998/1999)
    Number 24 (Summer 1999)
    Number 25 (Winter 1999/2000)
    Number 26 (Winter 2000/2001) [ceased with this number]

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Bibliographies & Catalogues (Contents)

  • Bibliography of the Neuropterida: an Annotated Bibliography and Digital Library of the Literature of the Extant and Fossil Neuroptera, Megaloptera, Raphidioptera and Glosselytrodea (Insecta: Neuropterida) of the World.
  • Neuropterida Species of the World: a Catalogue of the Species-Group Names of the Extant and Fossil Neuropterida (Insecta: Neuroptera, Megaloptera and Raphidioptera) of the World.

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